Garment Care

The Ed Stafford garment is made with high quality materials and fabrics. 

To maintain functionality and performance. We recommend that you keep this garment in good condition. If the performance of the garment is in doubt we recommend that you wash the garment as per the car instructions that can be found in the collar or online at or 

Regular maintenance of this garment including removing dirt and debris from zippers, snap buttons and toggles will ensure this garment continues to perform to the highest standard. 

For optimum protection and to reinvigorate the waterproof membrane, we advice that the smock is rinsed in a waterproofing agent every 3 months, depending on usage. 


  • Hand wash at 30 degrees
  • Do NOT iron
  • Do NOT bleach
  • Do NOT dry clean
  • Do NOT wring
  • Do NOT tumble dry
  • Hang to dry